Constant Curiostiy | #16

Costco, Startups & Sculptures


Things are pretty much back to normal now in Austin. We have power, water, and fully stocked grocery stores.

Anyway, let’s dive in!

🛒 How Costco makes shopping a treasure hunt

I love Costco, but this video helped me understand exactly how Costco has created millions of loyal customers like me.

Should you start a company?

Should you build your app idea, start a restaurant, or turn your hobby into a career?

I commonly hear these questions from others who are considering whether they should leave the comfort of their day-job and start their own company.

When I was 18, I co-founded GrandPad, which has grown to over one million users and over two hundred employees. Throughout this seven-year journey, I’ve learned about the sacrifices and dedication needed to start a company, and I’ll share what I’ve learned below in the article below.

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🗿 Hauntingly beautiful sculptures

Below are a few photos of Victor’s Way Sculpture Park in Wicklow, Ireland.

These granite works of art focus on Indian and Buddhist imagery, showing the various stages of reaching enlightenment.

The 14 statues took 20 years to complete. I hope to visit them one day.

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Have a fantastic weekend.