Constant Curiosity | #17

Japanese Log Racing, Ladder of Wisdom, and Baby Hedgehogs


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Japanese Log Racing

Once every six years, there is a festival in Nagano, Japan, where men race giant logs down a mountain. This tradition has gone on for over 1200 years and is a symbolic renewal of a nearby shrine.

It’s exhilarating and dangerous. You can see footage of the festival below.

The Ladder of Wisdom

Acquiring wisdom is like climbing a ladder. With each step up the ladder, you gain a better perspective and clearer view.

You can either learn from the wisdom of others or gain insight from your own experiences. I’ve visualized these methods of acquiring wisdom as “The Ladder of Wisdom.” 

Each step up the ladder is more challenging than the previous step, making the lessons learned more time-consuming. As you climb higher, you begin to rely more on the wisdom of your own experiences rather than wisdom passed-on from others.

Your time is limited, so you can use this ladder concept to help determine the areas of life where you need deeper wisdom and the areas where you should simply trust the wisdom of others.

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Baby Hedgehogs

Here’s a photo of a hedgehog mother with her babies. Adorable, right?

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