💻 Announcing IsaacLien.com 2.0

More content. More interactivity.


I’m excited to share the all-new version of my website, IsaacLien.com

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I’ve completely rebuilt my website from scratch. The site is now more than a blog, and more like my “Second Brain.”

My website has two goals:

1) To improve the clarity of my thinking.

By publicly sharing my thoughts, I look to hone my ability to think critically and clearly.

2) To enhance the quality of my conversations.

I keep this website up-to-date with my latest curiositiesnotes, and articles. By publishing this content, I hope to increase the likelihood of having interesting conversations that expand my point of view.

I’ve shared my favorite new features of the site below.

📚 The Digital Bookshelf

I now have a digital bookshelf that visually shows the covers of all the books I’ve ever read and is sortable by fiction and non-fiction.

I love talking to people about books, and this digital bookshelf makes it even easier for people to strike up a conversation with me about books we’ve both read.

Explore the Digital Bookshelf

🤔 The Curiosities Tab

My new website is now a home to all of the content I’ve created and consumed in over 20 topics.

You can explore them by clicking the Curiosities tab on my site and selecting an area of interest. I’ve added links to some of my favorite curiosities below.

🗒️ The Notes Section

In this section, I share my thoughts in short form “notes” that are closer in length to a tweet than a blog post.

Explore my notes

Here are some of my favorite notes:

I hope you enjoy the new changes I’ve made to my website. Let me know if you have any thoughts or feedback!

Thanks again,