Constant Curiosity | #15

Extreme Unicycling, The First Disneyland Map & Bamboo Scaffoldings


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𐃏 Extreme Unicycling

Did you know there is a dedicated community of extreme unicyclists?

They ride their one-wheeled contraptions on rocky and dangerous terrain in an impressive feat of balance and athleticism.

Don’t believe me? Check out this video below:

🏰 The First Map of Disneyland

Above is Walt Disney’s first map of Disneyland. The park wasn’t built according to this exact design, but it is a fascinating glimpse into the creative process of Walt’s visionary park.

As you can see, key themes did make it to the final design, including the train around the perimeter, the central castle, and the Main Street area.

Below is a modern-day Disneyland map, where you can see the similarities and differences.

🎋 Bamboo Scaffolding

Did you know that bamboo is commonly used as scaffolding in Hong Kong?

Seeing construction workers climbing bamboo to extreme heights up the sides of buildings came as quite a shock to me on my first trip to Hong Kong.

But then, I realized the brilliance of using bamboo.

Bamboo is abundant, strong, fast-growing, and incredibly lightweight.

I watched in fascination as workers tossed poles of bamboo up from the ground to be caught and assembled by their teammates above.

Bamboo scaffolding is faster than six times to assemble than steel, more sustainable, and more cost-effective

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