Constant Curiosity | #5

Multiple Books, The Power of Teachers, Failure & Grandma's Pie


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🦃

This is a great time of year to spend quality time with family, so I’ll keep this week’s newsletter nice and short.

📚 Read Multiple Books at Once

The best way to develop a consistent reading habit is to read multiple books at a time. If you lose focus on one book, switch to another book rather than to another activity altogether. Also, read across multiple mediums. Rotate between Kindle, Audible, and physical books based on your mood and environment.

🍎 Yelp Reviews and Bad Teachers

Society dramatically undervalues great teachers. Teaching is incredibly high leverage. One amazing teacher can inspire and empower 1000s of students over a career. The things these students go on to do can have an immeasurable long-term impact on the world. Conversely, society is far too tolerant of bad teachers. People are more likely to leave a six-paragraph negative Yelp review for a rude server than leave formal criticism for bad teachers.

🤔 Imagine if you wanted failure

Sometimes, I will vividly imagine what failing catastrophically would look like. I'll then try to imagine all the good that could come from this failure, so much so that I actually could picture wanting to fail. Then, I go back to pursuing success, knowing that failure might not be so bad.

🥧 Grandma's Pie

I eat healthily for the vast majority of meals. But I never want to be someone who turns down eating grandma's pie. It's OK to eat treats every now and then, especially when they are made with love by someone you care about.

Thanks for reading and talk to you next time.