Constant Curiosity | #6

"Why not?", Travel, Forgotten Memories & Time Frugality


I hope you’re doing well. This week, I’m excited to share some of my latest musings below.

🤷 Why Not?

A question I wish people asked more often is, “Why not?”

Why not learn a new language?

Why not start a blog?

Why not workout every day?

Why not finally learn to cook?

Next time you notice you’re talking yourself out of something that doesn’t have a real downside, ask yourself, “Why not?”

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts." - Marcus Aurelius

🧭 Travel, my love

Before the pandemic, my favorite activity was travel. I loved traveling, near and far. I made weekend trips to L.A., was on an airplane multiple times per month, and would hop on an international flight at any opportunity.

But now, that’s all changed. It’s been years since I’ve spent so much time in one place. It’s been great. I’ve focused on refining my daily routine, learning, eating healthy, and exercising.

Before COVID-19, so much of my life was optimized around being able to travel constantly. Now, I’m optimizing for happiness that doesn’t rely on the constant novelty of travel.

🤔 Living in a Forgotten Memory

Fifty years from now, I won’t remember 90+ percent of the moments in my life. Most of our time is spent on what will later become a forgotten memory.

I don’t find this depressing but inspiring. I like to ask myself: what can I do to make today one that I’ll remember?

⏳ Time Frugality

Time is like a bank account that gets smaller every day and can randomly be set to zero at any moment.

Many people emphasize being frugal with money, but it is much more important to be frugal with time.

If I knew I would die tomorrow, would I really spend my day mindlessly browsing social media?

You can always earn more money, but you can only spend your time.

That’s all for now.