Constant Curiosity | #7

Food, Cyberpunk, MagSafe & Owls


I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season.

Let’s hop right into it!

🍱 Food is a universal language

More than art, music, or performance, I feel that food is the most universal language. If I only had one hour to learn about a new culture, I would spend it eating a meal.

🦾 Cyberpunk 2077

Yesterday, a videogame was released called Cyberpunk 2077.

The world you inhabit in this game is freakishly real. The graphics stunningly lifelike, and the characters nuanced and engaging.

I’ve never experienced another videogame that creates such a visceral, living, breathing world. The release of Cyberpunk foreshadows a not-so-distant future where the worlds inside of games may become nearly as lifelike as the real world.

Check out the videogame trailer below for a peek into why this game is so breakthrough.

🧲 Why MagSafe is brilliant

One of the only truly new features in Apple’s latest round of iPhones is MagSafe, and it’s a big deal.

MagSafe adds a circular magnet ring on the back of the iPhone, enabling endless possibilities for 3rd party add-ons. Things like wallets, wireless chargers, battery packs, and tripods are just a few of the possibilities.

Even though it may seem like a gimmick, this will likely soon become a must-have feature as we see more and more products built around this capability.

🦉Baby owls

I recently saw a baby owl up-close in the wild. I think these may be the cutest animals I’ve ever seen (sorry kittens).

Thanks for reading and talk to you next time.